Updates from 2016......



On Saturday 6th August, at Upperward of Lanarkshire Open

Show, Gigha was 2nd SCWT Open and Harris was Best of

Breed and Terrier Group 1 under judge Helen Reaney. 

At Kirkcaldy & District Open Show on 14th August, Gigha was

1st SCWT Open, Best of Breed and Terrier Group 3 followed

by 1st A.V. Breeders and 1st A.V. Graduate - all under judge

Mr W. Shorthose.

Then, the following weekend at Tayside, Lochee & District Open

Show, where Euan Castel was judging Terriers, Gigha was 1st

SCWT Open and Harris was 1st SCWT Graduate, Best of Breed

and Terrier Group 3.




At East of England Champ Show on Saturday 9th July, Gigha

was 2nd in the  Post Graduate Bitch class under breed specialist

Ken Francis (Sawheaten).





 On 12th June, Dr A. Bryden was the replacement Terrier

judge at Cupar, St Andrews & District Open Show where

Harris was Best of Breed and Terrier Group 2.  

The following week-end, at Border Union Champ Show,

Kai was 1st in Post Graduate dog under breed specialist

Gill Ford (Kanjuley). 

Later in the month, we headed down to Blackpool Champ Show

where breed specialist Graham Dowdy (Denzilly) was judging.

Harris was 2nd in Junior Dog, Callie was 3rd in Junior Bitch and

Gigha was 3rd in Post Graduate Bitch.




 At Birmingham National, on Sunday 8th May, Gigha was

3rd in Post Graduate Bitch under judge Alan Small.


The following weekend was a busy one, starting with

Perthshire Canine Club's Open Show on Saturday 14th May

where, under Terrier Judge Mr F. McCann, Harris was 2nd

in SCWT Open and Gigha was Best of Breed, Terrier

Group 2 and 1st AV Terrier.....then later in the day,  

she was 1st AV Bred by Exhibitor and 4th in AV Open Bitch

Stakes under judge Mrs H. Gillies.

Next, on Sunday 15th, it was a trip up to Muir of Ord for

Ross & Cromarty Canine Club's Open show where, under

judge Mr B. Smith, Kai was 2nd in SCWT Open with Gigha

getting Best of Breed and Terrier Group 3. 

Mrs M. Jarvis judged the Stakes Classes and gave Gigha

1st AV Bred by Exhibitor.


At S.K.C. on Sunday 22nd May, under judge Jane Withers,

Harris was 1st Junior Dog and Gigha was 4th Post Graduate

Bitch .......but the star of the day was Kai, who was 1st Post

Graduate Dog - then followed that up with the Res Dog CC.




Jill and Harris took time out, from their holiday down south,

to go to W.E.L.K.S. at Malvern on Sunday 24th

April - where judge Stuart Plane gave Harris 1st Junior Dog.





At Clydebank & District Open Show on Saturday 5th March,

where Mrs Meriel Taylor was judging Terriers, Harris was

1st SCWT Junior and Best of Breed.


At Crufts, under breed specialist Sandy Tanner, Harris,

Kai and Callie  (Kirktonhill Cara Alainn) were placed

4th Junior Dog, 1st Post Graduate Dog and 2nd Junior

Bitch respectively.....with Callie also going on to get 1st

Good Citizen Bitch.


Rutherglen Canine Club's annual Easter Extravaganza

Open Show took place at Lanark on Good Friday. Gigha

was Best of Breed and Terrier Group 1 under Terrier Judge

Thomas West.





On Sunday 14th February, at Highland Canine Association's

Limited Show, Kai was Best of Breed and Terrier Group 2 

under judge Mrs Carol Hunter.


At Tayside, Lochee & District's Limited Show, on Saturday 20th

February, Gigha was Best of Breed and Terrier Group 3

under Terrier Judge Mrs Janet Rougvie and Harris - Kirktonhill

Cara Dilis - was 1st AV Junior under judge Mrs E. Linton.


At Irvine & District Open Show on Saturday 27th February,

Gigha was Best of Breed and Terrier Group 3 under judge

Mr Ian Shaw.





The 2016 show season got off to a good start at Kilmarnock

and District Open Show on 3rd January when Gigha - Kirktonhill

What I Believe ShCM - was  Best of Breed under judge Ms H Miller

and then went on to get Terrier Group 3 under Mrs L. Bolton.


At St. Andrews, Cupar and District's Limited Show on Saturday 9th

January, terriers were judged by Mr M. Ritchie who awarded Gigha

Best of Breed and then Terrier Group 1.


The Mackenzie Family braved the elements, to make the long

journey from Inverness to Inverurie, for Bon Accord Open Show

on Saturday 30th January, where Kai - Kirktonhill Rumour Has It

ShCM  - was Best of Breed and Terrier Group 2 under judge

Mrs Helen Paterson.