After taking a few months out of the showring at the beginning of




Tali bounced back..... accompanied by 2 of her daughters!



18th April  ~  Perthshire Canine Club  125th Anniversary Show

3rd  A.V. Terrier NSC Graduate ~ Judge Mrs S. Latto 

 3rd A.V Bred by Exhibitor Open

 VHC AV Open Bitch Stakes ~ Judge Mr R. Sansom.



  23rd May  ~  S.K.C ~ 4th Limit Bitch ~ Judge Stan Munn (Snowmeadow)



              12th June                   Dundee Canine Club ~

3rd SCWT Open ~ Judge Mr E. Houston

3rd AV Terrier Open

                                     Judge Mr J. Ritchie                                                        



      20th June  ~ Border Union ~ 2nd Open Bitch ~ Judge Mr R. Ross (Keridown)


     18th July ~                    Fife Kennel Association  

                                              Brora makes her debut!

                                            1st - SCWT Open - Best of Breed                      

                                           3rd -  AV Terrier Minor Puppy    

                                                       Judge Mr Layfield


  14th August  Tayside Lochee & District

SCWT  Open ~ Tali 1st - Best of Breed        

Brora 4th  

Judge ~ Mr M. Pooley 

AV Terrier Puppy - Brora 2

and at her first show  - Maisie 4th

 Judge Mrs S Littlechild


  28th August                                                        SKC  

                                        Brora -2nd Junior Dog/Bitch  

                                                Reserve Best Bitch                                      

                                      Maisie - 4th Junior Dog/Bitch                                      

                                                    Tali - 4th Open Dog//Bitch  

                                            Judge Mr M. Vickers                                                             


   5th September                        Perthshire Canine Club

                                                Tali -1st AV Terrier NSC Graduate

                                                 Maisie -2nd AV Terrier Puppy

                                                    Judge: Mr G. Earle


 18th September                     SCWT Club Open Show North

                                               Brora -  2nd Puppy Bitch

                                                             1st Special Beginners Bitch

                                                Judge Mrs J. Charleton (Janeyjimjams)


17th October                           SCWT Club Champ Show

                                                 Tali -  4th Mid Limit Bitch

                                                  Brora - 3rd Puppy Bitch

                                                               2nd Junior Bitch

                                                               1st Novice Bitch

                                                      Judge Mrs M. House (Glendowan)

                                                  Brora - 2nd Special Beginners stakes

                                                               3rd Puppy Stakes

                                                      Judge Mr A. Small


29th October                              Midland Counties 

                                                                  Brora - 3rd Puppy Bitch

                                                              2nd Junior Bitch

                                                   Judge Mr S. Howe (Stevelyn)


14th November                           East Of Scotland

                                                    Maisie - 2nd AV Terrier NSC Open

                                                                  2nd AV Terrier Puppy

                                                      Judge Mr B. Easdon


20th November                           Dundee

                                                   Maisie - 4th AV Terrier NSC Graduate

                                                                  2nd AV Terrier Puppy

                                                   Brora - 1st AV Terrier Puppy

                                                             Best TerrierPuppy                                        

                                                            Judge Mr G. Tullis


21st November                           LKA of Scotland

                                                   Tali - 3rd SCWT Open

                                                   Brora - 2nd SCWT Open

                                                                1st AV Terrier Puppy

                                                              Best TerrierPuppy                                                            

                                                               Judge Mr D. Griffin

                                                   Tali - 1st AV Bred by Exhibitor Open

                                                               Judge Mrs R. Wright



photo courtesy of Paul McFerran
photo courtesy of Paul Mcferran