Some show results from 2008.....

Sunday 21st December ~           Cambuslang Open Show

                                         Tali was 1st in SCWT Open & Best of Breed

                                                             followed by

                                                         Terrier Group 4

                                                        Judge : Mr Pat Harkin                                             


Friday 12th December  ~      LKA Championship Show

                                                Tali was 4th in Post Graduate Bitch

                                                Judge :  Mr P. Bakewell


 Sunday 16th November ~             L.K.A. of Scotland

                                          Tali was 1st in SCWT Open & Best of Breed

                                                         Judge : Mrs B. Brown 


                                                     3rd  A.V. Bred by Exhibitor

                                                          Judge : Mr W. Dobbin


Sunday 26th October ~              Midland Counties Championship Show

                                                       Tali was 4th in Post Graduate Bitch

                                                        Judge : Mrs Pat Chadwick  (Whitevale)


Saturday 18th October  ~               Terrier Club of Scotland Open Show

                                                              Tali handled by Hannah Escott

                                                          1st SCWT Open and Best of Breed  

                                                                    Judge : Mr J. McGhie 



Sunday 12th October  ~             S.C.W.T. Club of G.B. Championship Show

                                                               Tali was 2nd in Graduate Bitch

                                                             Judge : Mr Steve Howe  (Stevelyn)


 Saturday 27th September  ~             Perthshire Canine Club Open Show

                                                    Tali was 2nd in A.V. Terrier N.S.C. - Graduate

                                                                          Judge : Mr A. Curry


Saturday 13th September  ~        S.C.W.T.Club of G.B. Open Show North

                                                                     Tali was 1st in Graduate Bitch

                                                                Judge :  Mr Graham Dowdy  (Denzilly)


Saturday 9th August  ~          At Tayside Lochee & District Open Show

                                                 Tali was 1st  in S.C.W.T.Open &  Best Of Breed

                                                                   Judge : Mr J. Falconer


                                                                  4th  AV Graduate Stakes

                                                                2nd  AV Open Bitch Stakes

                                                          1st  AV Owned & Handled by a Lady

                                                                      1st  AV Breeders Open

                                                                      Judge : Mr D. Wilkinson 


Saturday 26th July  ~       At Highland Canine Assoc. Open Show

                                          Tali was 1st A.V. Terrier N.S.C.  - Post Graduate

                                                                   Best N.S.C. Terrier

                                                                            followed by

                                                                       Terrier Group 2

                                                                   Judge : Ms E. MacAllan


Saturday 28th June  ~   At  Dundee Canine Club Open Show

                                                  Tali was 2nd in S.C.W.T. Open

                                                           Judge : Mr P. Eva


Sunday 15th June     ~   At Border Union championship Show

                                                Tali was 4th in Post Graduate Bitch

                                                        Judge : Mrs Kay Aspin


Sunday 8th June      ~   At St. Andrews, Cupar & District Open Show

                                                Tali was  2nd AV Terrier NSC Graduate

                                                             Judge : Mr Iain shaw


                                                                  3rd AV Sporting

                                                            3rd AV Bred by Exhibitor

                                                             Judge : Mrs Jenny Miller


  Friday 16th May    ~           At  S.K.C  Championship Show 

                                                Tali was 3rd in Post Graduate Bitch

                                                        Judge : Mr Jeff Horswell


  Saturday 12th April  ~       At Terrier Club of Scotland Limited Show

                                                Tali was 1st in S.C.W.T. Open &  Best of Breed                                                       


                                                                  3rd  AV Terrier Junior

                                                           4th AV Terrier Bred by Exhibitor

                                                                  Judge : Mr E. Houston


  Saturday 5th April    ~       At National Terrier Championship Show

                                                               Tali was 3rd in Junior Bitch

                                                        Judge : Mr Stan Munn  (Snowmeadow)


  Sunday 9th March    ~                     At  Crufts

                                               Tali was VHC in Junior Bitch                                              

                                             Judge : Mr  Martin Phillips  (Jaeva)


Photo courtesy of Thomas & Tina Uneholt  - Kennel Seamrog



Saturday 16th February   ~    At Tayside Lochee & District Limited Show                                                     

                                                 Tali was  2nd in A.V. Bred by Exhibitor Open                                                    

                                                                   1st in A.V. Junior                                                      

                                                              Judge : Marion C. Wright