What the Kirktonhill Wheatens have been up to in 2007.....


                                       Tali finishes the year as.......      


                                  Our Dogs / Pedigree

                                                Top S.C.W.T. Puppy 2007   


                   Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of G.B.

                                                                           Top Puppy 2007 

                                         Winner of The Bacanti Firsts Cup 2007



Tuesday 17th April    ~     Tali is 6 months old & passes Stage 1 Assessment with a mark of 94%


Saturday 21st April    ~    Tali wins A.V. Terrier Minor puppy bitch

                                       at Perthshire Canine Club  -  her 1st Open Show

                                                       Judge: Mr G. Lewthwaithe


Wednesday 25th April   ~  Bosley passes Grade 3 Assessment with a mark of 37 out of 40


Sunday 20th May        ~   Tali wins   Best Puppy in Breed

                                     at S.K.C.  -  her 1st Championship Show 

                                                Judge: Mrs F. Somerfield


Sunday 10th June     ~  Tali wins   Special Best Minor Puppy In Show 

                                at St. Andrews, Cupar & District Canine Society Open show

                                               Terrier Group Judge:  Sheila Stoddart

                                                Best in Show Judge:  Jean Quinn 


Saturday 16th June  ~   At Border Union Championship Show

                                          Tali is 2nd in Puppy Bitch and wins

                               A.V. Gundog, Hound & Terrier Novice Stakes

                                                 Judge:  Mrs Pat Chadwick

Sunday 15th July ~   Tali wins   A.V. Terrier Minor Puppy class

                                      at Fife Kennel Association Open Show

                                                   Judge: Mr McKenzie

Tuesday 17th July ~  At East of England Championship Show

                                             Tali is 2nd in  Puppy Bitch

                                               Judge: Mr Jack Watson

Sunday 5th August  ~ At Wheaten Day North at Alva, Tali was delighted   to meet up

                                          with her sisters Kizzy and Keira and her brother Baxter              

Saturday 11th August   ~               Tali wins   Best of Breed

                                                 at Tayside, Lochee & District  Open Show

                                                             Judge: Miss E.S. Macallan

Saturday 18th August  ~    At Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show

                                                        Tali is 2nd in  Puppy Bitch

                                                         Judge : Mrs Angela Switzer

Sunday 26th August  ~                Tali is   Best  Puppy in Breed

                                                                       at   S.K.C.

                                                                 Judge : Mr R. Cruden


Friday 14th September ~       At Darlington Championship Show

                                                      Tali is 2nd in Puppy Bitch

                                                       and 1st in Junior Bitch

                                                        Judge : Mr R. Ross

Sunday 16th September ~         At The S.C.W.T.C of G.B. Championship Show

                                                        Tali wins Puppy Bitch and Novice Bitch classes


                                                                       Best Puppy in Show

                                                                            Judge : Ann Arch

Saturday 29th september  ~    Tali wins Best Puppy in Breed 

                                                        at Belfast Championship Show

                                                         Judge : Mr Tom Johnston


Sunday 7th October ~             At S.C.W.T.Club of G.B. Open Show North

                                                      Tali is 2nd in Puppy Bitch

                                                       and 1st in Novice Bitch

                                                        Judge : Miss L. Mullins


Saturday 20th October  ~  Tali is Best of Breed

                                               at  Terrier Club of Scotland

                                               Judge : Mrs B. Brown


Sunday 18th November  ~  Tali is Best of Breed 

                                                  at  L.K.A. of Scotland

                                                  Judge : Mr C. Gillanders


Saturday 8th December  ~  At L.K.A. Championship Show

                                                  Tali is 2nd in Junior Bitch

                                                  Judge : Mr H. O'Donaghue


Sunday 16th December  ~  Tali wins Best of Breed

                                                 at Cambuslang Open Show

                                                 Judge : Mr J. Stewart