The following 3 bulls will be at Stirling May '17.........





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      Team Simmentals have been BVD accredited since

      December 2006 and the entire herd, including the bulls

      forward for Stirling, is BVD vaccinated.


      All our young bulls are reared as naturally as

      possible - choosing to spend the majority of their time 

      outside in the paddock and only seeking shelter of the bull

      pens in the wettest of conditions. Throughout the year

      their rations are closely monitored thus ensuring correct

      growth and development of bone and muscle. 


      We aim to breed easy fleshing bulls that are correct 

      on their feet and legs, well muscled and fit to work - whilst 

      still equalling the "weight for age" of  their counterparts.


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             Team Gambler 15



                                             Team Gaffer 15




                                             Team Glenearn 15